Best Campervan Rental Options In Auckland | Hiring Tips!

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Hiring Tips!

Be it a short journey for two days or for the entire week, opting for a campervan in Auckland, New Zealand can be the best choice.  To find out more about the campervan rental in Auckland, as well as things to consider, places to discover, and more- please continue reading till the end of this post. 

Campervan Rental Auckland, Motorhome Hire Auckland

It's true that at times we feel like pampering ourselves the whole day, and what can be better in this case than nature itself. A Campervan rental in Auckland lets you explore nature from a close distance. 

Thus, we say a motorhome or a campervan is the most ideal option to travel around a place like Aukland. At Auckland, New Zealand, you get motorhome rental facilities at the most reasonable price. 

What you receive when you hire a campervan is much more than what you pay for the same. It's truly worth paying for it as you get the full freedom to travel around the city, drive the vehicle yourself as you wish. 

Moreover, you won't need to book a luxury hotel or carry heavy luggage while you discover new whereabouts. 

Is Renting a Campervan worth it in Auckland? 

Known as the largest city of New Zealand, Auckland has a population of 1.5 million. Whether you're looking for a long trip or a 5-7 days trip, starting your motorhome road trip in Auckland is all worth it! 

Be it exploring some fabulous scenery or enjoying freedom at your own pace, campervan rental in Auckland provides exactly what you require. 

From travelling to the Bay of Islands to Rotorua and the volcanic plateau, you can explore endless tourist attractions with your rented motorhome. 

How much does it cost to hire a Motorhome in Auckland?

When you go for a campervan rental in Auckland, the prices don't always remain the same. This is because it varies depending on vehicle availability and seasonal changes. 

However, to give you a rough estimate of a basic rental charge,  it would start from $250 and go on. Also, keep in mind that it may vary depending on availability and seasons, like for peak seasons, the basic charge itself may increase.  

Besides that, some motorhome rentals in Auckland also provide both automatic as well as manual transmissions. So it is important to check the camper description beforehand and then choose yours. 

One more thing which you need to remember is the campervan cost doesn't go high with the number of kilometres it moves- it offers unlimited distance packages. 

Some affordable Campervan Rental services in Auckland

When you look for a motorhome hire in Auckland, you'll find plenty of options that come with varied packages. 

With the number of motorhome hire services available in Auckland, getting the best deals can be difficult. To make things easier for you, some of the most reasonable options are listed below. 

  • Abuzzy motorhome rentals
  • Apollo motorhome rentals, Star RV and Real value RV
  • Kiwi campers, Happy campers and Pure motorhomes
  • Nomad motorhome rentals


However, a little research is important before every decision. It is essential for one to check the payment procedures offered by such motorhome hire services in Auckland and also compare the facilities that they offer with other service providers.