Yates Mountain Hike via Prairie View Trail

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Hiring Tips!

The Yates Mountain hike in Kananaskis, also known as the Barrier Lake Fire Lookout hike, can be an over-the-top busy hike on a sunny weekend from May through October. But if you pick a weekday or do the Yates Mountain hike in winter, you may enjoy a bit of solitude. The hike, which switchbacks up an old forestry road for about 5 kilometres, won’t wow you until you break out of the trees. But then magic happens, and you’re met with a panoramic view of Barrier Lake and Mount Baldy. And it gets better if you’re prepared to hike steeply to the summit of Yates Mountain. There you’ll see the working Barrier Lake Fire Lookout in addition to a bird’s eye view of Mount Yamnuska and the peaks lining the Trans-Canada Highway as you look west towards Canmore.

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Yates Mountain hike summary

  • You will need a Kananaskis Conservation Pass to hike Yates Mountain. Purchase online or at the Kananaskis Visitor Information Centre located along Highway 40 as you drive south towards Barrier Lake. Passes are $15 for a day-use permit or $90 for a year, good for two vehicles at the same address.
  • It’s approximately a 12.5 km or 7.8 mile out and back hike with an elevation gain of about 550 m or 1,804 feet.
  • From the Prairie View Lookout it’s a short, steep 0.7 km one-way hike with 125 m (410 feet) of elevation gain to reach the Barrier Lake Fire Lookout.
  • Yates Mountains tops out at 1,996 m or 6,549 feet.
  • I’d rate this as a moderate hike. 
  • Allow 3 – 4.5 hours for the return up and back hike to Yates Mountain. Add another 1 – 1.5 hours if you return via Jewell Pass, instead of the way you came up.
  • Dogs are permitted on a leash. On hot days, be sure to take lots of water for them.
  • Check the trail reports before you go for the Prairie View Trail.
  • You’ll be hiking in bear country so don’t forget the bear spray and make sure it’s easy to access.
  • In winter, carry microspikes and hiking poles in case you run into icy sections.
  • The map for this hike is Gem Trek Canmore and Kananaskis Village.

Yates Mountain hike trailhead location

You might see the line of cars pulled over along Highway 40 before you see the road turning into the Barrier Lake parking lot. The road to the parking lot is about 9 km south of the Trans-Canada Highway-Highway 40 intersection and just 2.2 km south of the Kananaskis Visitor Information Centre. If you haven’t got your Kananaskis Conservation Pass, stop in at the Visitor Centre (clean washrooms, running water, and knowledgeable staff too) and buy one or risk a significant fine. There is a map of the hike (take a photo so you have an easy reference) and more washrooms at the parking lot. 

Yates Mountain via Prairie View Trail description

The start of the Yates Mountain hike is not impressive. From the parking lot head for the Barrier Dam – enjoying pretty Barrier Lake and mountain views to the west. This section of the hike is often windy so bundle up if its winter. At 1.1 km cross a bike trail running northeast – southwest but continue straight for another 0.5 km. You’ll reach an intersection here under the power lines with a location map. Take the left fork onto the Prairie View Trail. Start gaining elevation as you switchback up through the forest. You may be sharing the trail with mountain bikers, so be ready to quickly step aside – even in winter.

After climbing for 2.0 km, you’ll make a hard left and start hiking along McConnell Ridge. It’s steep, then flatter as you reach an opening in the trees – and then very steep as you climb up a narrow trail through the rocks. There are some big steps here but no exposure and there are lots of trees to hold onto. Pop out on flat ground and head left for superb views of Barrier Lake and Baldy Mountain. The Prairie View Lookout is a popular place to stop and have lunch.

Prairie View Lookout to the summit of Yates Mountain

From the viewpoint look for the sign that says unmaintained trail. Follow it through the trees, and turn right in a matter of metres to pick up the trail to Yates Mountain. It may be short, but it is steep. I think it’s probably an easier winter hike because it’s soft underfoot and you don’t have to worry about twisting an ankle on a rock. We didn’t see any flagging tape – simply the trail which was easy to follow in winter.

There are some stellar views along the edge on the way up. In fact, it was interesting to look down at so many little lakes. On the final approach you’ll see a helicopter landing pad and then the Barrier Lake Fire Lookout – which is a residence in the summer so be sure to respect the privacy of the human smoke detector.